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It was assumed by Eric Greenfield that a play based on the life of the boxer, Jack Johnson, who became the first African-American heavy weight champion of the world, would involve fighting.  Well, it did in a sense, but not one  punch was thrown.  Instead,  there was foot stomping, hand clapping and fist bumps  representing the delivered punches. Greenfield was mesmerized by the power of these actions.

The story takes place in 1910 when racism in America was rampant.  After intense negotiations, Jack Johnson coaxed the former world heavyweight champion, James Jeffries, out of retirement and into the ring.  The contest between Johnson and his white opponent became known as "The Fight of the Century."  

Johnson knocked out Jeffries and became the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, much to the dismay of racist America.  But it was a historic moment for the advancement of African Americans and the black community felt tremendous pride in Johnson's success.  

For Greenfield, this was a powerful reminder of the sad history of racism in America and the work that still needs to be done for all Americans to be treated  equally.