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Eric Greenfield was surprised, but happy to discover that Yiddish theater is alive and well in New York City, and that its relevance has not diminished. The 20th century Yiddish musical, The Golden Bride, with its focus on immigrants fleeing persecution and having to adapt to a new life and language in America, is a story that continues to play out today, not only in NYC, but all over America and around the world.

This certainly was the story of Greenfield's grandparents and it is the story of countless others from all parts of the world who came to America in the hopes of a better life and a promising future.

The Golden Bride premiered in 1923. Like so many Yiddish operettas of the period, it touched on subjects that immigrants grappled with as strangers in a new land, and helped them make meaning of their lives.

The Golden Bride was written and produced at a critical time of transition, when the US was passing stringent laws that would effectively keep out further immigration from Eastern Europe. According to Greenfield, there should be a sequel to The Golden Bride to showcase the talent, energy, ingenuity, and hard work that immigrants like his grandparents contributed to America and made it the great country that it is today.