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The zoo beckons and Eric Greenfield and his family and friends respond to the call.  It was a cloudy, sometimes drizzly Saturday but the plan was to take a trip to the Bronx Zoo and Greenfield was not to be deterred.  Five adults, two 4-year-old girls, and wishful thinking made their way to the Bronx from Manhattan to visit with furry and feathered friends.  Were we going to be rained out?  Stay positive and fingers crossed.

After parking, Greenfield and company set out to catch the Monorail, a 20-minute tour high above the trees to view animals like pandas, elephants and rhinos in their natural habitats.  Uh-oh, what's that?  A face painter not to be resisted.  So before proceeding to the Monorail, the girls got their faces painted and became beautiful, brightly colored butterflies.  Onward to the Monorail.  Uh-oh,  look--camel rides.  Ok, where else in NYC can you travel on a camel?  Would the camel transport them to the Monorail?.  Er, no, but what a fun diversion from our destination.

OK, that's it.  We've got to walk straight to the Monorail and promise not to stop until we get there.  Following signs along the way, we finally got to our destination.  We boarded, determined not to be intimidated by the threatening sky.  Tour guides pointed out animals along the way and shared interesting information and anecdotes about each species.  Riding above the trees away from the crowds and distractions, listening to stories about the animals and spotting them along the way was one of the highlights of our time at the zoo.

From there we went to the Children's Zoo where the kids could pet and feed the animals.  Playful  goats, sheep and llamas interacted with the kids who lovingly, sometimes gingerly,  provided them with pellets from the vending machines.  Wait, who's that?  The giant 18-year-old anteater named Velcro, of course.  And look--flamingos, monkeys and a baby porcupine-  animals native to Central and South America-all of whom delighted the kids and definitely made animal lovers out of them.

All in all it was a great day, but our time at the zoo was coming to an end.  We opened our umbrellas and ran for it vowing to return sometime soon on a bright, sunny day.

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