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Photography has always interested Eric Greenfield, particularly when the subject is people. What are people thinking? Feeling? Experiencing? What does the photographer want to communicate to the viewer? 

​A photography exhibit that captured Greenfield's attention was Annie Leibovitz' portraits of women. Leibovitz' portraits were of accomplished women in all walks of life. Although each woman was unique, her humanity was universal and resonated with everyone regardless of gender.

​The venue for the exhibit was particularly interesting-- a former correctional facility for women. With the approach of Hurricane Sandy, the prison was evacuated and officially closed in 2012.

​It will now be transformed into a Women's Building, home to organizations working for the rights of girls and women, and providing office and event space, galleries, restaurants, a wellness center, and childcare facilities.

​Women's rights are human rights and Greenfield couldn't be more supportive of the Women's Building.