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When Eric Greenfield took his daughter to the Frank Stella exhibit at the Whitney Museum, he had no idea what fun it would be for the 5-year-old budding artist in his family.  Stella's art - huge, colorful, imposing, and mysterious- inspired Greenfield's daughter to imagine what an abstract painting can be. Does it tell a story? Sound like music? Or is it just lines, shapes and colors?  As Stella himself has said, "What you see is what you see."

After being wowed by the exhibit, Greenfield's daughter was given A Kid's Activity Booklet.  In words and pictures it inspired her to create her own art based on Stella's work.  This turned out to be as fun as the exhibit itself! 

Greenfield's hope is that trips to museums and interacting with art at an early age will not only foster his daughter's creativity, it will weave the love of art into her consciousness for a lifetime.